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The greatest Lancia site.

Cars and parts for sale. The beauty or the beast for you?

Cars and parts wanted.

Multilingual Lancia Forum

Chassis numbers 1963-1975.

Page with links to other sites.

Fulvia questions and answers.

Lancia's at auctions.

Letters & emails from Lancisti

Pictures and books

Lancia - 70 Years of Trailblazing

Capolavoro by Bill Jamieson, a "must have" book about the Lancia Lambda.

Le belle macchine

Lancia Aurelia site prepared by Geoff Goldberg

Lancia Aurelia pages by Nicola Maglioli

Lancia Dagrada with Appia engine

Lancia Flavia pages. Brian Long and others bore you to death.

Lancia Fulvia pages.

Hit the road

Hotels and Restaurants

All roads lead to Rome

Service locations by country and other usefull tips for travelling

Test drive of the Lybra

Testdrive of the Lancia Lybra

Lancia Lybra SW owners report

The inevitable

Newly produced parts for your Lancia. A growing list.


Lancia forums. English, Italiano, Español, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands.


International Lancia Forums


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Lancia Aurelia Site

Enjoy the Dunlop wheel brake cilindersLancia Aurelia site of Geoff Goldberg.

Electronic distributor for Fulvia and Flavia

Electronic distributors for
Fulvia - Flavia - Flaminia - Aurelia

 Standard versions have dynamic advance curves pre-programmed and switch selectable.
 TUNE versions have an USB port which allows you to program your own curves.

Lancia chassis numbers 1908 - 1975

 Long lost documents found.

Dunlop wheel brake cilinders

Wheel brake cilinders

Dunlop wheel brake cilindersState of art replacements for Dunlop brake pots for Fulvia, Flavia, Flaminia.

CD's with Lancia documentation

Parts books, exploded views, service & workshop manuals, specifications, brochures, ads.

Lancia Periodico DVD Periodico Appia Flaminia Flavia Fulvia Fun AFFFun Lancia Appia CD´s Appia Lancia Aprilia CD Aprilia Lancia Ardea CD Ardea Lancia Astura CD Astura Lancia Augusta CD Augusta Lancia Aurelia CD Aurelia Lancia Beta CD´s Beta Lancia Dilambda DVD Dilambda Lancia Flaminia documentation Flaminia Lancia Flavia documentation Flavia Lancia Fulvia documentation Fulvia Lancia Gamma documentation Gamma Lancia Lambda documentation Lambda Lancia tools Tools Book

Parts for Fulvia Flavia Flaminia

Shock absorbers Lancia Fulvia De Carbon shock absorbers Oil pump Fulvia Oil pump  Distribution chain Engine valves Fulvia Quality engine valves Automatic 3 point seat belts for Fulvia, Flavia and Flaminia coupé with angle adjustable retractor. Automatic 3 point seat belts Electronic distributor Fulvia Electronic distributor Dunlop wheel brake cilinders Dunlop wheel brake cilinders

Lancia snippets

Lancia snippet 7 May '04: Foibles of the Lancia Aprilia

Lancia snippet 6 Apr '04: The Loosmobil

Lancia snippet 5 Nov '03: The power of a clean drawing board

Lancia snippet 4 Jan '03: The racy appeal of the little Lancia´s!

Lancia snippet 3 Oct '02: The luck of the Irish French

Lancia snippet 2 Aug '02: Lancia. Innovation, sophistication, simplicity.

Lancia snippet 1 May '02: Vincenzo Lancia sets record in 1904 Florio Cup.

The Lancia emperors of the road and off-road.

Most of us know about Lancia's kings and queens of the road. Check these Lancia emperors of the road and off-road.

Lancia Luisa

 The Lancia Luisa

 More Lancia trucks

About was started by Huib Geurink in July 1996. is an independant site. hosts the official pages of the International Association of Lancia Clubs.

Although the magazine of the Lancia Motor Club (UK) is called "Viva Lancia!", this website has not part of the Lancia Motor Club (UK).

The people are:

Huib Geurink, owner of the site, webmaster and moderator for most forums,

Contributers who have prepared pages are mentioned on those pages.

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Wanted: Lancia Aurelia B24 spider and B20
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Pages of Lancisti

Pages of Tassos Kollias. Greek god brings Fulvia back to life.

Growing a Gamma Coupé. Keith Lam harvests a Gamma Coupé.

Pages of Huib Geurink, webmaster of Including pictures of the Tulpenrallye.

Lettera aperta agli Italiani ed al Governo Italiano.

Open letter to the Italian People and the Italian Government.



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