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CD with Lambda documentation


CD with Lambda documentation

Lambda_1 which contains:
  • Series 7&8 Partsbook. 352 Pages. Beautiful drawings by Count Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffio! Text in Italian, French, English and German.
  • 10 Magazine Articles
  • 1959 Lancia Calendar Lambda & Dilambda pic's
  • Additional pic's and technical notes from Fred Bird, a former Lambda owner. He owned 1928 Mille Miglia car #18609 Two of these pictures were published in Bill Jamison's "Capolavoro"(master piece)
  • Instruction manual for series 7 & 8 in English.
  • 2 Menu copies Australian Lancia Club Castlemaine event.
  • Lancia Lambda Profile publication.
  • Various Lambda and Dilambda pic's from Internet
  • CK Bowers Lancia photograph collection.
  • Price: € 50 including postage
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