Distributor type Fulvia 4BR. Transfer gear wheel from original.

Gear wheel transferred from original distributor to new Fulvia distributor and optional bushes for 1600 Fulvia engines.

High quality 8mm plug cables for Fulvia. RFI and EMI suppressed. The cable has fibre reinforced double silicone insulation. Operating voltage 40kV - 45kV. The conductor is wound from stainless steel wire. Crimped on contacts are stainless steel. Plug boots are silicone rubber. Cap boots are EPDM. Sets of cables are also available for Flavia, Flaminia and Aurelia. Cables are numbered. Specify whether you want straight terminals at the cap or 90 degree terminals. We can make any length of cable on request.
Note: we now use black cable with black on white markers.


Distributors with built in computer controlled ignition for:

Fulvia - Flavia - Flaminia - Aurelia

Developed by Huib Geurink and 123.

  • Direct replacement for the original distributor.
  • Triggering by magnets. No contact points.
  • Built in microprocessor controlled electronics. Software controlled dynamic advance.
  • All standard Fulvia, Flavia. Flaminia and Aurelia dynamic advance curves preprogrammed and switch selectable.
  • The TUNE versions have an USB port and always have a vacuum connection. You can load 2 sets of vacuum and advance curves which are switch selectable.
  • Software controlled spark balancing to within half a degree crankshaft.
  • Capable of driving coils of 1 Ohm and higher.
  • Dwell time is software controlled.
  • Coil protected from overheating by switching off current after appr. 1 sec. if engine not running.
  • Thermal protection of electronics. To reset: switch contact key off and on.
  • Built in LED for exact timing of fixed advance.
  • Standard cap.
    type 4BR Bosch 1 235 522 050 or equivalent (Beru, Bremi, Facet).
    type 4SR Bosch 1 235 522 056 or equivalent (Beru, Bremi, Facet).
    type 4SA Bosch 1 235 522 332 or equivalent (Beru, Bremi, Facet).
    type 6SR Bosch 1 235 522 051 or equivalent (Beru, Bremi, Facet).
  • Standard rotor. Bosch 1 234 332 024 or equivalent (Beru, Bremi, Facet). Same for all types.
  • For Fulvia: delivered without gear wheel. Just transfer gear wheel from original distributor. Shim for 0,1mm axial play. Shims included.
  • For Flavia, Flaminia and Aurelia: delivered with drive dog.
  • Optional bushes for conversion to Fulvia 1600cc engines.
  • Optional high quality 8mm plug cables, RFI and EMI suppressed.
  • Optional 1.5 Ohm red power coil. Use without ballast resistor. Do not use with contact points.
  • Optional 3 Ohm blue standard coil. Compatible with original coil. Can be used with contact points.
  • Electronic advance is more accurate than the original mechanism with the spring loaded bob weights. The disadvantage is more wear on the contacts inside the cap. It is strongly advised to always keep a spare rotor and cap in the boot of the car. Also, replace rotor and cap each 30.000 kms as specified in the manual.


     incl. 21%
Type Fulvia 4SR   263,00318,23
Type Fulvia with vacuum 4SR V   297,60360,10
Type Fulvia 4SR TUNE    343,50415,64
Cap with contacts at the side type 4SANot recommendend.
Connector for wires interferes with manifold.
Type Flavia 4SR   254,00307,34
Type Flavia with vacuum 4SR V IE for D-Jetronic   303,00366,63
Type Flavia 4SR TUNE   343,50415,64
Extra for cap with contacts at the side type 4SA
Flaminia, Aurelia 6SR   272,00329,12
Flaminia with vacuum 6SR V   307,20371,71
Flaminia, Aurelia 6SR TUNE
Sets of plug cables. (Colour = BLACK)  
Fulvia cables60,0072,60
Flavia with carburator cables60,0072,60
Flavia with Kügelfischer cables60,0072,60
Flaminia cables90,00108,90
Aurelia cables
Other parts  
Conversion bushes for Fulvia 1600cc engine*25,0030,25
Red 1.5 Ohm power coil.60,0072,60
Spare cap for 4BR (curve select switch at Bottom)29,0035,09
Spare cap for 4SR (curve select switch at Side)20,0024,20
Spare rotor (same for all 4 and 6 cil. versions)13,0015,73
* The price quoted above for conversion bushes for 1600 is valid if ordered together with the distributor. If sold seperately, the price is 120 incl. VAT.
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Postage € 102550

Inside the EU prices incl. VAT apply unless you have a valid VAT number.
Outside the EU prices without VAT apply.

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Curves selectable by internal switch for 4 cilinder Lancia distributors.
4B - switch at bottom. 4S switch at side.

0Fulvia 1818.000
1Fulvia 1818.000
2Fulvia 2818.100/130/140/342/302/303/282
3Fulvia 3818.540
4Flavia 1815.00/200
5Flavia 2815.100/200/300/500   819.200/300
6Flavia 3815.400   819.202/302/400   820.000/400

    Fulvia curves. Click to enlarge.

  Flavia curves. Click to enlarge.

Curves selectable by internal switch for 6 cilinder Lancia distributors.

0Flaminia813.00 up to 2817
1Flaminia813.00 from 2818   813.10
2Flaminia823.00   823.10   826.000   826.030   826.100

Distributor type Flavia 4SR. Drop in replacement.
4SA has a cap with the contacts at the side.
Distributor type Flaminia and Aurelia 6SR. Drop in replacement.

Optional 1,5 Ohm red power coil. Use without resistor! Current limiting is microprocessor controlled.


The Fulvia, Flavia and Flaminia distributors can be equipped with a vacuum connection. The TUNE versions always have vacuum.

Downloads, pdf files

Manual Fulvia 4BR
Manual Flavia 4SR
Manual Flaminia, Aurelia 6SR
Flaminia, Aurelia Switch settings
Flaminia advance curves
Data from Flaminia Shop Manual
Flaminia, Aurelia Distributor Connections
Manual for all TUNE versions