Lancia Emperors of the Roads

Esatau B 503, 1957
Trucking madness emperor: Esatau B 503, 1957.

It was called "television" because of its cab design; none of its metal panel was plain.

Probably the most beautuful European forward control truck. It can be described as "the Aurelia B24 of the trucks"

Esagamma 715 touring coach, 1968
Long distance touring emperor: Esagamma 715 touring coach, 1968,
bodied by Bianchi & C.

In 1968 air conditioning, air suspension, television, chilled beverage service and top speed over 110 km/h were not normal for an Italian touring coach.

Esagamma 520 6x4 heavy tipper, 1968
Off road emperor: Esagamma 520 6x4 heavy tipper, 1968.

30 years old when photographed, still in service and featuring a good shape. According to many earthmover operators, the off-road Esagamma "made the history of earthmoving in Italy".

Lancia car porter - Esatau P chassis, bodied by Viberti in 1955

Official Lancia car porter

Esatau P chassis, bodied by Viberti in 1955. Very few (about ten) were built.

1947 Esatau 864
1947 "Esatau 864", bodied by Viberti and
towing a Viberti 141T trailer

1959 Beta Diesel
(2 cylinder, 2 stroke)

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I - 10020 Verrua Savoia (TO)

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