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Certified lunatics (Lancia addicts)

 Maurizio's Ardea site

 Lancia Artena site of Carlo Salmoiraghi

 Astura pages of Theo Jansen, collector of Lancia's

 Tim Baker restores Augusta cabrio

 Geoffrey's Aurelia site

 B22 of Jean-Marie Levallois

 About the Aurelia B12

 Almar's Aurelia B24 spider site

 "My Lancia" for UK Beta owners

 Beta Spider site by Eckhard

 Dante's harem - a Beta life

 Beta site of Andreas Köster

 Delta London to Brighton run

 Evo forum

 Michel's Delta HPE site

 Scuderia Lancia Intégrale Club

 Svenska LANCIA DELTA integrale-registret

 Joeri's Integrale pages

 Marco's Lancia Delta Web Site

 Hydra Racing Lancia Delta Club

 Buying a Lancia Delta

 Delta Integrale site

 Nasser's Evocorner

 Dedra 2000IE

 Flaminia site of Jean de Barsy

 Dave's Flaminia Restoration

 Corrado's Flavia S2 berlina site

 Flavia site of Roberto Ori

 Piero Vanzetti's homepage

 Fulvia Kaufberatung, Squadra Elefantino

 Fulvia pages of Kay

 Fulvia pages of Andrea Lorenzoni

 Fulvia pages of Autorallye

 Rallye 1.3 of Lolke Koopmans

 Fulvia pages of Stefan Hassel

 Fulvia page of James Achilleos

 Fulvia IV pages of Stephane De Coninck

 Gamma Drivers Holland

 Pierluigi's Gammania

 Gamma's of René and Jochen

 Dimitri's Gamma coupé Pages

 Kappa Coupe Fanpage


 Mike Pannell's Lancia Montecarlo page

 Lancia Stratos Supersite

 Lancia Thema Admirer

 Y10 Information site of Trevor Nicosia

 Auto Classic Italia

 The Vignale Register by Angela Verschoor

 Lancia News

 Lancia's by Vignale

 Lancia Modelcar Museum (in Japanese)

 A112 page of Gereon Maas

 Jurgen's Thema, Kappa, Thesis pages

 Lancia Galleries of Bost Pascal


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New Zealand
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Austrian Lancisti + friends
Flaminia Register
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Thema & Dedra Consortium
Montecarlo Consortium


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Rally and racing

Amiki Miei

Rally Club Sandro Munari

Escuderķa Amazon Sport

Formula 1 cars - Lancia D50


Historic Rally Organization

De Baronierijders



Via Lancia

Villa Lancia

Auto's van toen, voor de liefhebbers van oldtimers

Car Pictures

Italian Automotive News

Over en voor de klassieker...

Zak McGregor's list of Lancia specifications


Seattle Italian Concours d'Elegance


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