Photos of my Fulvia

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Photos of my car before restoring it. The yellow color is making very good combination with the sea blue
rear2.jpg (21907 bytes)
The car after the restoration in my garden
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Details of the car that gave me big trouble restoring it. The rear left wheel has three points that made different very little but annoying noices during driving witch they took days of my life trying to find out exactly where are. The doors rubbers that are very difficult to fit them to the right position trying to avoid water leakage from the windows
Strange rubber for the air ventilation system of the car .Normaly the rubber is glued on the bonnet but I fitted it to air funnel for better stability .On the left photo another door rubber
Details of the front system . We can see the new bushes and the new amortiser and the new CVJ rubbers
Rear detail of the semielliptic leaves and a rear view before the restoration