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All roads lead to Rome


Reaction of Carlo Venturi to the article "All roads lead to Rome" by Angela Verschoor.

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Mon, 18 Mar 2002 by Carlo Venturi

Hello Angela,
you did a good job, not too many Italians remember ancient Roman history as you did, but I am quick to correct the statement about the mafia!

I do not blame you for writing Porto versus Porta San Sebastiano, or miles per hour instead of kilometers per hour, or the period consuls performed (I remember two years of consulate). What is serious is the statement mafia was in existence during ancient Rome. "La mafia" is a criminal association born in Sicily during the 1700 \ 1800's and was restricted to that island till our early fifties. La mafia always looked for political agreement with governements, for thriving herself.

Northern Italians always regarded it a disgrace that, in the mid fifties, our government started to exile these criminals from their country. Our old governements thought better to remove those criminals from Sicily and send them far from their cradle to new countries, where people have a completely different way of thinking. Scattered cancer was the final result!

Those men were charged of being "mafiosi", but without proof; hence they were exiled, but not jailed. They could go on with their affairs. Prove of the weakness of our governements and the power of mafia (mafiosi) and other criminal societies in their southern Italy territory (camorra \ camorristi in Campania - 'ndrangheta in Calabria and so on), is the fact not one Albanese \ Rumenian \ Eastern Europe criminal society could blossom or even put a foothold in Southern Italy. On the contrary these criminal societies could blossom from Center Italy toward the north, because these countries are free from those strongly organized Italian societies. Keep in mind: not the entire southern population is "mafiosa" nor are the northern ones free of criminality. There simply is a different way of thinking. At this point, also me, I would have not said some tall story (castroneria). For sure ancient Romans and mafia were divided by twenty centuries.

Ciao Angela, excuse if I've offended you in some way; I will be happy in helping if you want some Italian book or information, also will manage to take some shot of our consular roads.

Saluti a te e a Huib.