Lancia service locations in the Netherlands (+31)


Tip for travellers in the Netherlands:

Go to the first Shell station and buy the 100.000 streets book. It has maps and street indices for all but the smallest towns in the Netherlands.

Huib Geurink

Fr. Rooseveltlaan 57
4818 KB Breda

Huib is the webmaster of this site and well experienced in repairing, servicing and restoring Fulvia's. Don't hesitate to call if you need help. The above address is where Huib lives. Call or mail for directions to the workshop.

Gammaservice Holland

Henk de Goede 070-3461091
Ruud van Zwet 06-50943947
Veenkade 64
Den Haag

Henk de Goede is Gamma specialist of the Lancia Club The Netherlands. We store complete second hand engines (Ready to mount), body parts and interior parts from a huge stock. Open during office hours 09.00 am till 17.00 pm. For emergencies call +31650943947. Worldwide shipping.

Dick Boosman

Veenhuizerweg 28
1704 DN Heerhugowaard
phone: 072-5712138

Dick is a automotorjournalist for many years. When he started, he made extra money by repairing and servicing Lancia's (Flaminia's in those days). He has collected quite a few Lancia's over the years (and parts). He will get you rolling again. He is an active member of Lancia Club Nederland
Heerhugowaard is about 40 kms north of Amsterdam. His place is difficult to find. I'll put in a map one of these days.

René de Graaf

Blokenweg 6
5165 NR Waspik
phone/fax: 0416-311393

René specializes in Beta's and Delta's. He knows his way with other models. He is an active member of the Lancia Club Nederland, where he is the Beta specialist.
Waspik is about 15 km's north of Breda in the direction of Utrecht. If you take the exit 'Waspik' from the highway, follow the directions to the industrial park. He is on the west side of the park, overlooking the meadows.

Vincenzo Lancia Service

owner: Chris Petter
Industrial estate
Poort van Midden-Gelderland
Rood 1A
6666 LS Heteren
Tel / Fax: 00-31-(0)26-4743803

Chris called his company "Vincenzo". It shows his addiction. Chris services, repairs and restores older Lancia's. Don't talk to him about Gamma's. Everyting else is ok. Chris is a member of the Lancia Club Nederland.

Henk Renkema

Haven 15
2242 NL Wassenaar
phone 070-5178713

Henk has worked for the Lancia importer in the Netherlands for many years. He has plenty of experience with all Lancia models from Aurelia's and older up to Gamma's. Henk is the Flavia specialist of the Lancia Club Nederland.
Wassenaar is just north of The Hague

Martin Willems

Kanaal A N.Z. 222
phone: 0591-352212
fax: 0591-352530
closed on Wednesdays

Martin sells old Lancia's as well as used and new parts. His workshop will get you going in case of trouble. Martin is an active member of the Lancia Club Nederland.
Emmercompascuum is on the German border in the north east corner of the Netherlands. It is a few kilometers east of Emmen.


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