Lancia service locations in Germany (+49)


Dieter Enkler

Windhofstr. 13
66484 Battweiler
phone: 06337/87 48
fax: 06337/99 44 30

Dieter himself owns a fantastic Lancia Beta Coupé first series. He is a specialist for all Lancia and Fiat Twin-Cam-Motors.
Battweiler is near Kaiserslautern in south-west Germany.

Peter Bazille

B&F Touring Garage
Hauptstrasse 105
53842 Troisdorf-Spich
phone: 02241-46377
fax: 02241-400448

private phone (only in urgent cases): 02241-400369
Peter and his friend Jochen Fricke run B&F Touring Garage, which is well known among Lancisti for maintenance as well as complete restorations. Peter is also a motor journalist. He drives his Aurelia B20 for 15 years. The Lancia Club Deutschland announced him advisor for Aurelia and Flaminia.
Troisdorf-Spich is situated 25 km south-east of Köln.

Volker Nollert

Welfenstraße 24
76137 Karlsruhe
phone: 0721-883977
fax: 0721-882982

private phone (only in urgent cases): 0721-815598 Volker is one of the founders of the Lancia Club Deutschland (1978) and a Lancia dealer since long. He owns - among other Lancias - one of the two special Flavias built by Zagato. The Lancia Club Deutschland announced him as advisor for all modern Lancias, i.e. Delta, Gamma, Thema, Dedra, Ypsilon and Kappa.
Karlsruhe is in SW Germany.

Christian Bernd Reinhardt

Eichhofweg 9
90000 Coburg
phone: 09561-30013
fax: 09561-34066

private phone and fax (only in urgent cases): 09563-3411
Bernd has many years of experience as a Lancia dealer. He participates frequently in the "2000 km durch Deutschland". The Lancia Club Deutschland announced Bernd as the advisor for all Beta models.
Coburg is in Franken, the NE part of Bavaria


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