Lancia service locations in Switzerland (+41)


Kord Beddig

Z.A. La Pra
1173 Féchy
phone: 021 80 74 769
fax: 021 8074711

Kord is a Lancisti of a special character: he drives his much beloved 1933 Augusta as an everyday vehicle. He restores and services older Lancia's. Kord has been living in Switzerland for years and is a member of the Lancia Club Suisse Romande and the Lancia Club Germany. Quite a few members of the Lancia Club Germany drive a car, which has been restored by Kord
Féchy is between Geneva and Lausanne

Gebrüder Klausner

Heinrichstrasse 118
Phone : 01 271 64 24

The oldest Lancia Garage in Switzerland (this garage was official Lancia vendor from 1918 till 1993) The two Klausner Brothers are very sympathic persons, who dedicate their lifes to Lancias. They have many cars & parts and are really Lancia specialists knowing every details of these wonderful cars.

Albert Cailler

Route de Chêne 26
1207 Genève
Tel: 022/700 44 77
Fax: 022/700 44 23

Albert has been working on Aurelias for the last 30 years. He has a fast stock of parts, and is doing a very good job on all Lancias. He is well worth a visit for any Lancia addict on a trip in Geneva, as his shop is always full of interesting cars (currently he is restoring a B50 Pininfarina convertible)

Garage Klausner Hegibach (Achilles Klausner)

Yes, the 3rd Klausner brother

Forchstrasse 78
8008 Zürich
01/381 82 57

Achilles did his apprenticeship on Lancias in the 40's. He is maintaining a few B20's and B24's and is an afficionado of everything Lancia.

Garage Elefant (Sven Klausner)

Yes, another Klausner (son of Achilles)

Hofackerstrasse 74
8008 Zürich
01/381 47 17

Being the younger generation might suggest he is more knowledgeable on Fulvia's, but he owns a Flaminia PF Coupé himself. The workshop is only 500 m away from his dad's.


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