Lancia service locations in Austria (+43)


Helmut J. Neverla (AutoService Neverla)

Wienerbergstraße 29
A-1120 Wien
phone + fax: (0222)-8154229
phone: (0222)-8156708

Helmut is THE Fulvia expert in Austria. He owns a 1,6HF series 1 and has restored a lot of other Fulvias. But he has also experience in restoration and service jobs on a lot of other models, such as Flavia, Flaminia, Aurelia, Beta, Gamma,... For Fulvia, a lot of spareparts are available, or at least he knows where to get them.
His garage is located in the south of Vienna, near the "Südautobahn" (south highway).

Anton and Andreas Pfaff

Billrothstraße 25
A-2511 Pfaffstätten
Phone: 02252 43864

Anton and Andreas do not run a official garage, but they are willing to help Lancisti if they are in trouble. They are Flaminia experts - they have one model of each type, beside other old-timers. Currently they are restoring a Flaminia Sport. Their stock on Flaminia spares is enormous. At Lancia meetings, Andreas is really unhappy if no car breaks down (which means nothing to repair for him)...
Andreas and Anton live in the east part of Austria, near Vienna.

Oskar Dörfler

Khevenhüllerstraße 5
A-9800 Spittal an der Drau

Oskar runs a official Lancia Garage in Spittal a. d. Drau, south part of Austria (near Villach). He has some experience with historic Lancias and restores currently an Appia. Even if you do not have a problem, stop by and let him show you the Appia. Beside the normal garage jobs, they have a very good equipment and a well educated staff for repairing engines.


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