Persons who offer cars or parts for sale may receive emails from fraudulent persons who offer to pay by cashier check for a too high amount. You are then supposed to return the difference with the car / parts or by Western Union. The so called cashier checks are of course false. There are some variations on the scheme, but I have always found them easy to recognize.


Submit your Lancia for sale ad

The "forsale" section of viva-lancia.com is free for persons who want to sell a Lancia or Lancia parts privately.

But, please please please, consider to  contribute financially. It will be highly appreciated and is in fact necessary to keep this website alive. The link to the page with details of how to donate is always at the left bottom of the screen.

Companies who want to place ads are invited to inquire first by email to  forsale@viva-lancia.com.

I process all ads by hand to make sure everything is all right. I may be travelling or busy, so it can take some days till your ad appears.

After some time ads are deleted. This time depends on the length of the list for that model. Send a new ad, if your car is still for sale.

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