Date sent: Tue, 4 Apr 2000 14:38:24 +0200
From: Giuseppe Pilloni <>
Subject: commenti a lettera aperta agli italiani

Dear Huib,

while I was surfing the net came across your wonderful open letter to the Italian Government (congratulations on your perfect knowledge of the Italian language ! !).

I could only feel deeply ashamed of how these problems, that should really directly concern us Italians, are once again felt in a much stronger way abroad ("nemo propheta in patria").

For the last thirty years I have been the fortunate owner of a Lancia 2000 (the Fulvia's bigger sister) in outstanding mechanical and body conditions. Well, for the Italian Government I should break it up as soon as possible in order to make way for a plastic toy, albeit with a catalytic converter. This is madness hand in hand with malice. As you quite rightly point out, we have substituted lead with platinum and, and this is the worst aspect, with benzene.

If I could I would move to Holland as in your country the cars that have made automotive history can circulate freely, admired by most and not seen as mere potential sources of pollution.

I thank you for the kind, but slightly undeserved, compliments to the Italian people.

Best regards.

Giuseppe Pilloni.

Prof. Giuseppe Pilloni
Dip. Chimica Inorganica

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