Date sent: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 11:20:36 +0200
From: "Andrea Bellini" <>
Subject: dobbiamo fare pi rumore!!!

Dear Mr Huib,

I can only join the chorus of appraisal for your initiative but I ask you (and myself): why can't the classic car movement, even if slightly contaminated the trend followers, have more of a say in matters like these? Could the reason be, as I read on Routeclassiche (an Italian classic car mag - trad.) a while ago, that in Italy there is absolutely no connection between the classic car enthusiasts and the very official world of car manufacturers, who are the true keepers of the italian automobile building tradition? Why can't we all join up to make the people in the entrepreneurial control room understand that the best publicity for a car manufacturer would be the preservation of the automotive heritage, instead of trying to sell a few thousand more new cars?

I own a 1971 Fulvia coup HF 1,6 and a 1967 Fulvia Sport Zagato 1,3, I cherish them as my children spending more money on them than I care to admit to myself: I hope that one day, one some country road, our Fulvias will per chance cross paths... I would be really glad to drink that famous glass of wine with you and your family, talking Lancia and looking each other's car over to see how one's own could be bettered.

Kind regards.


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