Soriana's engine

Soriana is my Fulvia berlina 1C. Found in Italy in the spring of 1999. Original paint, original and excellent condition. Only, the engine was stuck. I started work on the engine in December 1999 to find a bee's nest in cylinder #1. The acids had "welded" the piston, rings and cylinder block together and dissolved part of the head.

So, if you leave a car outside, make sure the bees can't go in through the exhaust valves.

I have rebuilt the engine completely:

  • new cylinder block
  • new pistons and rings
  • new head
  • new valves, guides and hardened seats
  • new big end bearings
  • new main bearings
  • new small end bushes
  • new oil pump
  • new waterpump
  • new chain
  • ground crankshaft
  • balanced crankshaft, flywheel and pressure plate
  • overhauled dynamo
  • overhauled starter motor
  • pistons are balanced to within 0,2 grams
  • small ends balanced to within 0,2 grams
  • big ends balanced to within 0,2 grams
  • combustion chambers equalised to within 0,05 milliliter

Here are some of the pictures:

The engine taken apart. The wax, cellulose etc from the bee's nest is now in the Lavazza can.

The new head was easy to clean. However, the preservation wax (oh no, not wax again!!!) on the new cylinder block and new pistons was difficult to get off.

Balancing the pistons to within 0,2 gram

Balancing small ends to within 0,2 grams

The head is on the block. ready for the head bolts. Also the chain still has to go on.




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