Canazei Meeting - June 9 - 11, 2000

Canazei June 2000
Pordoi Pass - Dolomites. Meeting of the Romans Fulvia Mob
Picture by Piero Vanzetti,

Pellestrina meeting - March 27, 1999

Some pictures of the trip around the Laguna of Venezia

Nuvola (Nuffie to friends) - Andrea's GTE - on the ferry

Huib - Gianni - Andrea - Pierluigi - Walter
Annabella - Rita - Maria Antonietta - Gabriella - Patrizia - Maria
Dante behind the camera

Patrizia - Gabriella - Annabella - Maria - Pierluigi - Gianni - Andrea - Rita - Dante - Walter
Huib behind the camera

Dante - Huib
Who is behind the camera this time?

Due cuore. Annabelle and Huib
Who is behind the camera? Dante of course!

Huib posing with Andrea's Fulvia GTE and Walter's Fulvia S2 berlina

Huib and Annabelle having lunch in Moruzzo between Udine and San Daniele del Friuli on the way back to Holland.

The lunch?
Local white wine, plenty of prosciutto of San Daniele and delicious "formaggio crocante". The last is fried cheese looking like crisps or even more like the Indonesian krupuk. If you have the recipe, mail it to .

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