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La Terrasse

Monte San Savino, Arezzo, Toscana, Italy

Contribution from Emilios Lemoniatis, UK,

As a small addition to the already wonderfull Viva Lancia website we came across a restaurant in Toscana with some Lancia connections.

The restaurant is owned and run by two brothers Manlio and Vladimir Boccuzzi who swear that they were concieved in the back of a Lancia. Their parents had a series of Flavias and Fulvias in the sixties and seventies as the father was a travelling business man. Now their elder brother continues the tradition by owning a mint Fulvia (Rallye I think!) which he himself used as a bridal car. Manlio was eager to assist me in finding a second Fulvia locally providing me with italian cars for sale magazines and even offering to take time off work to bargain with a dealer in italian for me.

The brothers have agreed to recieve with a warm welcome all Lancisti to their restaurant and will provide copious samples of the local Grappa to anybody with a Lancia story!

La Terrasse,
Via G.Di Vittorio 2/4
Monte San Savino, Toscana
Tel: 0575 844111

The menu is fine tuscan with fresh made pasta and local meat.The atmosphere young and modern on the outer edge of monte San Savino Old Town.


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