1.6 HF front suspension arms

1.6 HF front suspension arms

Helmut Nerverla and Florian Krenn designed two heavy jigs for the rebuild of wishbones. We can convert standard 1.3 first serie upper and lower arms into 1.6 HF wishbones. The jigs where built to the dimensions of the Lancia data sheet "Front suspension upper and lower arms - Fulv. 07/0030 -22/2/74", car type 818.540/740.

The upper wishbone is shortend from 225 to 220mm. The lower is extended from 353,35 to 361,2mm.

With those arms, your 1.6 HF will have the right setup with a negative camber!

The price for the rebuilt of two upper and two lower arms is 720,-- Euro (standard 1.3 arms in exchange).

If you have any questions please contact:
Helmut: neverla@amigo.at
Florian: krenn@ipu.co.at