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 Beta Spider
Serie 1 "828.AS" (1974/75)
Beta Spider 1800 S1 - 1756cc / 120CV - "828.AS1"
Beta Spider 1600 S1 - 1592cc / 108CV - "828.AS0"

First showed at the Geneve Expo march '74 on the Pininnfarina stand then on sale from the autumn '74 only . The Beta Spider-Zagato was styled by Pininfarina but, due to the planned very low production volume, Lancia Company reached an agreement for production with Zagato Company. The Zagato Company plant was in Terrazzano di Rho, few kilometers North-West of Milan. The Lancia Beta Spider-Zagato was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1974. The Beta Spider-Zagato was built in a very particular way: complete Coupè body-shells were transported unpainted from Chivasso to Terrazano di Rho where they were modified by Zagato. The modified bodies were returned to Chivasso in order to receive anti-corrosion treatment. The treated bodies were then sent again to Terrazzano di Rho where they were painted and finished internally. Finally the semi-complete cars went back to Chivasso for the engine and transmission to be fitted. On the road again to reach the Dealers Net. I let you imagine how much could cost nowadays a car built in such a way.
The S1 models had flat bonnet and yellow instruments and the 1800 Coupé was standard equipped with FPS or Cromodora 14" alloy wheels : interiors were common with the following Serie 2 edition .

Serie 2 "828.BC" (1975/78)
Beta Spider 2000 S2 - 1995cc / 119CV - "828.BS1"
Beta Spider 1600 S2 - 1585cc / 100CV - "828.BS0"

The S2 2000 Spider introduced the raised raised bonnet with black air grids and also the octagonal glass over the double front lights and the new design of the main front grid with five horizontal stainless steel bars .
The S2 1600 frontal design remained similar to the S1's one .

Serie 3 "828.BS.FL" (1978/81)
Beta Spider 2000 S3 - 1995cc / 115CV - "828.BS1.FL"
Beta Spider 1600 S3 - 1585cc / 100CV - "828.BS0.FL"

With the S3 2000 Spider the octagonal glass disappeared and the 5 stainless steel bars were applied also to the 1600 models .New interiors.

Serie 4 "828.BS.FL2" (1981/82)
Beta Spider 2000 IE S4 - 1995cc / 122CV - "828.BS1.FL2"

The S4 version was made for the U.S. market only and had the new stainless steel main front grid and bigger bumpers .
bs-giallo_ocra.jpgSpider S1 gialla
s1.jpgSpider S1 1600
s!plancia.jpgSpider S1 -
radio consol
betaspiderjody.jpgSpider "Jody
betaspider2000_78-1.jpgSquare plate
s2-2000.jpgSpider S2 2000
di Claudio
s2-1600.jpgSpider S2 1600
di Dante
tettuccio.jpgSpider S2 with
side top bars
sz_2000_s3_estera_82.jpgSpider S3
sz_2000_s3_estera.jpgSpider S3
s3-black.jpgSpider S3 USA
"Black Edition"
sz_2000_s3_usa.jpgSpider S3 USA
sz_2000ie_s4_usa.jpgSpider S4 USA
s3.jpgSpider S3
s3_tomba.jpgSpider S3
beta-spider_s3-usa-1-web.jpgSpider S3 USA
beta-spider_s3-usa-2-web.jpgSpider S3 USA
beta_spider_s4-03-web.jpgSpider S4
beta_spider_s4-04-web.jpgSpider S4
s4-1.jpgSpider S4
s4-2.jpgSpider S4
s4-3.jpgSpider S4