The Aurelia's palmares is rich of results of absolute relief, sometimes incredible. It's impossible to list the full series of victories and good positionings attained both in circuits and in rally during years of world level competitions, but it's only fair to remember at least some of the more fascinating results.

Mille Miglia 1951

1951, Mille Miglia:

Giovanni Bracco and Umberto Maglioli get second on a B20 two liters (91 HP), preceded only by Gigi Villoresi on Ferrari "340 America" (4100 cm3, 240 HP).

1951, Le Mans 24 Hours:

The same car, driven by Lurani-Bracco, is first of class and twelfth absolute. Here it's represented overcoming the Porsche at its first Le Mans competition.

24 hours of Le Mans 1951

Mille Miglia 1952

1952, Mille Miglia:

Umberto Maglioli and Luciano Monteferrario are first in National Tourism over 1500 category and absolute nineteenth with a standard B22 sedan. In the same year Maglioli ends fourth in the Carrera Mexicana, with a B20 two liters equipped with Roots supercharger.

1952, Targa Florio:

The B20 special of Gino Valenzano on starting line. That year the Aurelia of Bonetto, Valenzano and Anselmi occuped the whole podium of the famous Sicilian competition.

Targa Florio 1952

Monza, Coppa Intereuropa 1955
Monza 1955, Coppa Intereuropa.
Note the two Aurelia B20 Zagato's (n.154 and n.156) in the middle of the starting grid.

This is only a brief and incomplete collection of images testifying the value of the Aurelia in competitions; many other prestigious results, that would deserve likewise space, were reached by this car and its good pilots during its sporting career. Every Aurelia victory certainly shows something heroic, because it's always an inequal struggle against more powerful and "for race only" cars, very different from this fine and reserved "berlinetta" Gran Turismo.

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