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In 1978 the Lancia Club Deutschland was founded in Finsternthal, Taunus. Approximately 40 Lancisti followed an invitation of Dr. Wolf Heinrich Kotthoff that appeared in the largest German car magazine. He had contacted a lot of the attendees some time or even years before. A great number of the participants came from the Frankfurt area but nevertheless three Dutch Lancisti were amongst them. Dr. Michael Marx. still member of the club and still living in Finsternthal, had hired the local ballroom for the assembly of Lancisti. After a short discussion a president and the other necessary personnel were elected and the statutes prepared before hand, were briefly discussed, partly improved and accepted. This all went on quickly but in quite an unflourished manner. It was simply the underground German Lancia community that came onto daylight and became an official, registered club (Verein).

From there the club has grown slowly and steadily and has for the last ten years more than 100 members which might own about 300 Lancia's in the range from the Lambda's to the new Kappa's. At the founders assembly it had been decided, that owners of all Lancia's were welcome - this was an argued subject then, shortly after FIAT's take-over. The statutes say, to become a member of the LCD, you do not need to own a Lancia. You only have to like Lancia or Lancia's.

Of course the Lancia related themes, technical or historical ones, are very often a subject of discussion within the LCD and we have official advisors for all types of Lancia's, for tools and FIVA passes, but nevertheless amongst our members there seems to be also a rather strong section of experts in wine and food, travelling and touring.

The LCD is member of the DEUVET, the association of the German veteran car clubs that itself is a member of the FIVA - the international federation of veteran car clubs - and furthermore supports our interests in the political and public scene in Germany.

The club magazine, Lancia Rundschau, appears twice a year, it acts as a platform to distribute the news of the Lancia scene and has usually 28 pages. A quarterly, newsletter is issued by the secretary.

The members of the LCD meet twice a year at least - not every time in an area where they grow wine - once in springtime at the Himmelfahrtstreffen (Ascension Day meeting) and in autumn for the meeting on behalf of the Jahreshauptversammlung (AGM). All meetings are organised by one or two members of the LCD and are not limited to members only and are therefore. although not pronounced - international meetings, the most famous one was the historic meeting at Baden-Baden (D) and Strasbourg (F) in 1985.

As usual in the landscape of Lancia, the international connections of the members and the club are very good, partly because some of our members are affiliated to other clubs or are living abroad.
Ten years ago the LCD started to have a stand on the Techno Classica in Essen, probably the largest fair in Europe for the enthusiasts of veteran and vintage cars - during the last years there were more than 100 000 visitors. We entertain not only the German admirers of the splendid Lancia's on our stand, our guests come from all over the world. This year, 1999, we have on display an Aurelia B20, red in racing outfit, an Aprilia barchetta (one off), red, a Fulvia Felber Spider (one off), red and a Flavia Sport Zagato, red also.

All friends and enthusiasts of Lancia and its brilliant founder, Vincenzo Lancia, are welcome in the Lancia Club Deutschland e.V.

Karl Heinz Hager,
Lancia Club Deutschland


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"La Lancia" by Wim Oude Weernink
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