Hello Huib.

I thought I would pass along the following details for your club.

I have found a source of piston rings for the Series-III Appia. They are made by a company in the US called Hastings and are reachable at 800-776-1088. For my car, the engine is bored to the 'third over-bore' making the cylinder 68.8mm in diameter. Hastings has the rings in 69mm and with the slightest ring-gap grinding or fileing they fit perfectly with a 0.33mm factory spec. gap! The part numbers are

  1. 38918 for the first and second compression rings
  2. 44103 for the oil control (scraper) rings

The Compression rings are US$2.70 each and the oil rings are US$4.27 each! Couldn't ask for better prices!

Best regards,


RO Lindsay

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