New Windscreens for Vignale Convertible

Through the Appia Consortium and with the backing of Don Cross the tooling for the manufacture of windscreens for the Appia Vignale Convertible was created in 2004 and a number of screens produced and fitted. The tooling was produced by Pilkington Automotive using an original windscreen as a pattern.

The new windscreens are the correct thickness and be fully 'E' marked and tested to the relevant European and USA standards. All the trademark and 'E' marks appear in the bottom right corner of the screen so as not to intrude into the drivers field of view.

Due to the cost of manufacture, we do NOT hold stock of these screens. They are only be produced to order (although there is no minimum order number) and are only available through the Appia Consortium.

Windscreen cost (excluding delivery)
Consortium member: £ 485 (485 pounds sterling)
Non Consortium member: £ 535 (535 pounds sterling)

Please contact me for payment details (50% deposit required with order).

Chris Long,,
tel. (+44) 023 8089 7104, fax (+44) 023 8089 7104

Appia Vignale Convertible

The Consortium is open to anybody with an interest in Appias, currently we have some 50 members from all parts of the world. On joining Members have access to all the technical information we have and are able to purchase any spares held by the Consortium.

Appia Berlina 2nd seriesOur stocks comprise a mixture of original Lancia parts, parts that have been remanufactured to replace unobtainable parts and used parts taken from scrap cars.

The Consortium is able to supply most mechanical items, for engines, transmission and rear axle, including gaskets and bearings, many electrical parts, brake overhaul parts including reconditioned master and slave cylinders and all rubber seals, brake hoses and copper pipes. In addition, nearly all the rubber parts used on the car are available. The Consortium also has an excellent range of sweatshirts, T-shirts with the Lancia Shield and Flag superimposed with the Appia logo.

The Consortium is self financing (although we have been fortunate to obtain interest-free loans from the Lancia Motor Club U.K. to help with larger purchases). Each member on joining pays an entry fee of 30.00 pounds (UK) and an annual subscription of 30.00 pounds. The money is used to purchase additional stock and to replace stock that has been sold. The only expense incurred is to pay for the storage of parts. Parts are sold to members at replacement price plus a small surplus to increase the funds of the Consortium and to help repay any loans.

Appia berlina, 3rd seriesI manage the Consortium in my spare time and give my services free of charge. I always try to get parts to members as soon as possible but this service has to fit in with my other activities.

The Consortium is not a commercial enterprise therefore it is not the policy of the Consortium to sell parts to non-Consortium members, but it may do so at its discretion. However, parts sold outside the Consortium are subject to a surcharge of 33.3% to 50% applied to each part according to the type of part.

If you wish to join the Consortium please let me have your full details and the full details of your car, together with a cheque payable to APPIA CONSORTIUM. You may pay by credit card but there is a 5% transaction charge.

On joining I will send you a computer printout of the main items in stock, this list does not include used parts so if what you require is not on the list, this does not mean it is not available.

For full details contact - Don Cross, Consortium manager
Nr. Evesham
Worcestershire WR11 8NW       U.K.
tel +44 1386 870385
fax +44 1386 871638


Road test of
Lancia Appia berlina,
2nd series

Piston rings for Appia.


Mille Miglia 2000, picture by William Hall



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