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Guestbook. Year 2002 entries.
Very nice site. If you want to race your sportive car at the highly modern EuroSpeedway Lausitz refer to for information. A professional instructor gives advise how to drive this track.
Oliver <>
Oyten, Niedersachsen, Germany
Tuesday, December 31, 2002 at 02:44:05 (CET)
I've Fiat Argenta 2.0 i.e. I need electrical scheme to that car! Can you help me? Greetings from Poland!
Scott <>
Tarnowskie Gory, Silesia, Poland
Wednesday, December 25, 2002 at 23:10:39 (CET)
Grazie 1000 to all vistors of and contributors to You have all helped to make the largest Lancia site on the internet.

Enjoy your Christmas! Don't drink and drive for fear of ruining your Lancia.
For 2003: lots of Lancia motoring.

I look forward to meeting you on one of the Lancia meetings.

Huib Geurink <>
Breda, Netherlands
Tuesday, December 24, 2002 at 13:39:19 (CET)
End of March: Season opening in Neustadt a.d.Weinstr./Germany
April 30 - May 4: European Meeting in Portoroz, Istria/Slovenia
June 16 - 24 (ca.): 3rd Vincenzo Adventure Tour to Portugal
End of Sept.: Autumn Meeting in Nuernberg (Nuremberg) Germany
Pls ask for further info by e-mail.
To all Lancisti Merry Christmas &
a Happy New Year.

Lancia Club Vincenzo <>
79395 Neuenburg, Germany
Friday, December 20, 2002 at 14:08:50 (CET)
From all of us to all of you: Merry, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Svenska Lanciaklubben
Our club has decided to donate 100 Euro to Huib and his excellent web site. The site is the real hub of all Lancia activities but Huib needs support! From all of us!!!

Bengt Gustavsson <>
Stockholm, Sweden
Wednesday, December 18, 2002 at 20:05:42 (CET)
I am an Italian dealer of rally-cars and motorcycles. I have for sale in this moment a very good Lancia Deltona Gr.A ex-works "Martini", a Lancia Rally 037, a Lancia Stratos Gr.4. Please visit my web site to see images of my cars. Regards Toni Vico
toni vico <>
monteu roero cuneo, cuneo, italy
Friday, November 15, 2002 at 15:05:42 (CET)
037 EVO looking for plate

This car i bought in 1988 at audi sport in inglstadt. I think ist was a Spi car.
The car was not in very good condition.
Compressor parts and wastegate were missing.
In Torino at Guiseppe Volta i got these parts so that teh car could be running again.
About the resautration i own a fotdodokumentation, availabel by further interest.
The 1st chassinumber is absent, but there is a second, # 162 000141,in the middle of teh frame under the body an windshield can anyone explain what ist means.

The rally paint was R6.
Under the body in Front there is writen Tognana in red, on other parts Bora.
Could anyone hepl me with further informations.


Stepahn Becsei

stephan Becsei <>
frankfurt, hessen, germay
Tuesday, November 12, 2002 at 01:30:00 (CET)
First of all I wish to congatulate the Viva Lancia site for it excellent set-up. Got to this site through the Dagrada article by Pete Vack of www.

Any Lancisti out there on the East Coast/Marylannd/DC/Virginia?

Please contact me so that we can enjoy the hobby - I have Flavia 1st series and 2000 four door both in excellent condition, plus Alfa, Fiat and Autobianchi.

Lorenzo Marchesini <>
Fairfax Station, VA, USA
Friday, November 08, 2002 at 23:32:27 (CET)
News for Appia- and 2000 owners:
I have just finished a new print of the Drivers Handbooks for
- Lancia 2000 Coupé (in German)
- Lancia Appia II (in Italian)
size 148 x 210 mm
el. wiring diagram 420 x 297 mm
The 2000 handbook is scanned and
printed out in good quality.
The Appia handbook is new-styled, interesting information and coloured photos added.
Price for each: EUR 17.50 + postage. More info by e-mail.

Lancia Club Vincenzo <>
D-79395 Neuenburg, Germany
Sunday, November 03, 2002 at 11:24:43 (CET)
Giuseppe Menaggia <>
Montreal, Canada
Wednesday, October 30, 2002 at 00:54:43 (CET)
Dear all,I own a very early 1937 Aprilia, which I am slowly getting back on the road after a 27 year rest in a garage,(not mine),I also have a 1972 Fulvia 1600HF, as my everyday car in the summer(usually on a Monday in the UK). wishing you all the best with your cars.P.s. Any other Aprilia owners out there in the same position?
Roger Elias <>
Monday, October 28, 2002 at 21:51:57 (CET)
Hello i'm a new entry.
In august i bought two new Lancia a Lybra JTD for me and a Y 1.2 UNICA for my wife.
I tried to buy Lancia aftre ten years with a lot of Volkswagen.
Now I'm very happy about my cars they are like german cars.

Massimiliano Iacconi <>
Maranello, Italy
Saturday, October 26, 2002 at 16:30:23 (CEST)
I've got an '82 Beta Coupe 2000ie and I love it. It handles like it's on rails, has grunt and power, and looks decidedly better than the dogs b*ll*cks. I just love my car. I was wondering if any of you have this stupifying feeling, the need to look back as your walking away from it, to crouch down and look at it as if it were a model? I would love to be in contact with anyone who knows these cars well. Having had it for 2 years now, and having had a blown head gasket, and new starter motor as well as various bits and bobs go wrong I would appreciate the advice of anyone who has a bit of technical knowhow. It's not that there's anything wrong at present, it's just that every garage I go to is guessing as much as I would, and I'd rather have either some knowledge myself or at least know where to go. My car deserves the best attention. Every time I drive it (every day, it is my only transport) I just can't believe how precise the steering is, and despite the taut ride, ow comfortable it is. The UK market is missing out big time!
Regards, a hopelessly besotted Lancisti who feels like he's dating out of his league!

Robert Breading <>
Exeter, Devon, England
Sunday, October 20, 2002 at 02:12:59 (CEST)
Monday, October 14, 2002 at 12:27:24 (CEST)
Guten Tag!
In einer italienischen Oldtimerzeitschrift entdeckte ich ein Bild einer Fulvia Zagato Spider, in orange-rot, lediglich mit dem Text, daß der Wagen sehr selten und hochbegehrt sei. Vielleicht kann mir ein Lancisti Näheres über dieses Modell schreiben, bzw. mailen. Ungefähre Stückzahl, Preis damals, etc... Wäre für jegliche Information sehr dankbar. Mit freundlichen Grüßen... Gerhard Masutti

Gerhard Masutti <>
8670 Krieglach, Austria, Steiermark
Thursday, October 03, 2002 at 22:35:16 (CEST)
I just took my Aurelia B12 sedan for a bit of a run; first time in months!
What a car; must go further afield soon. The Yarra Valley vineyards near Melbourne perhaps or down along the famous Great Ocean Road.
Happy motoring Lancisti!

Brian Long <>
Friday, September 27, 2002 at 08:08:45 (CEST)
Please remember to visit our Lancia exposition on the Island Poel near Wismar. It will start on September 21 about 10.00 a.m. The entrance is free, your Lancia is your ticket! Visitors with other cars will find enough parking space nearby.
*** BLACK FOREST TOUR: We invite all Lancisti to our Black Forest Tour on Oct., 20 in the region of Offenburg. We offer good food and wine and a tour through the autumn coloured vineyards and the Black Forest. If you could arrive on friday, we arrange hotel booking and a visit of the famous Musée National de l'Automobile in Mulhouse/France.
*** 2003 Events:
The European Lancia Meeting, April 26 - May, 1 2003 in the region of Trieste / Italy and the peninsula Istria / Slovenia and Croatia.
June 2003, exact datas will follow: 3rd Vincenzo Adventure Tour to Portugal. For further information pls contact the club center.
Attention: the office is closed from September, 14 - 24, 2002.

Lancia Club Vincenzo <>
79395 Neuenburg, Germany
Thursday, September 12, 2002 at 08:11:36 (CEST)
I knew, it is late now in september, but many thanks to Ruud van Zweet for the gamma-meeting in the netherlands in July. All was great: Our cars, the programm, the country, and certainly all the nice gamma-drivers from Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, and so on..
I am glad to be the owner from my gamma, and I enjoy to visit much meetings in the next years, in much different countrys in europe.

masutti gerhard <>
Krieglach, Austria,
Wednesday, September 04, 2002 at 22:23:01 (CEST)
Lancia-Ausstellung 21.09.2002 auf der Insel Poel bei Wismar.
Eintritt frei! Ab ca. 10.30 Uhr beginnt die große Lancia-Schau auf der Insel Poel. Alle Lancia-Fahrer im Raum Bremen, Hannover, Hamburg, Lübeck, Kiel, Schwerin, Rostock
sind eingeladen, die Ausstellung zu verstärken. Der Lancia - egal welches Baujahr - berechtigt zum Einfahren in das abgesperrte Gelände am Kirchdorfer Hafen. Es werden Lancia-Klassiker von der Aurelia bis zum Thesis gezeigt. Für andere Fahrzeuge sind genügend Parkplätze in der Nähe. Weitere Infos unter 07631/799821 (Mo-Fr
8-11 + 14-16 Uhr). ACHTUNG! Ab 14.09. ist das Büro geschlossen.

Lancia Club Vincenzo <>
79395 Neuenburg, Germany
Wednesday, September 04, 2002 at 09:32:25 (CEST)
i have 2 Lancia Thema, and i would say that i'm the largest lancia fan in the world.
LANCIA is the best car of this world. Forza Italia and LANCIA

zsolt <>
graz, austria,
Sunday, August 18, 2002 at 12:28:31 (CEST)
I own a 1976 Beta 1800cc coupe, a 1977 Beta 2000 coupe (race car), a 1982 Beta HPE Executive and a 1985 Beta HPE VX. Have just acquired the VX and need literature/manuals especially relating to the motor area so I can get it running properly. Can anyone help me out? As you can imagine, there's not much information available in Australia. Will respond to all replies.
Richard Watkins <>
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Friday, August 16, 2002 at 00:56:44 (CEST)
Friday, August 09, 2002 at 16:21:08 (CEST)
I want to congratulate this site for bringing all of us lancisti toghether. I am the proud owner of a Prisma 1500 which I love like nothing else. If you know how can I fully restore it and upgrade it please let me know by e-mail. I thank you all.
Adrian <>
Constanta, CT, Romania
Monday, August 05, 2002 at 00:30:09 (CEST)
I have Lancia DEDRA 1.6
beauty and the beast

Vladimir Talalaevskiy <>
Cherkassy, UA, Ukraine
Friday, July 26, 2002 at 12:03:11 (CEST)
hi my name is gabriel i have a lancia dedra 2.0 8v turbo integrale and i was asking if anyone can help me with some electrical schematics for it or with some software because in my country i cant find anything about this i have a problem wit it and nobody can fix it thank you
gabriel <>
bucharest, romania, romania
Wednesday, July 24, 2002 at 14:42:49 (CEST)
Greetings to you and your guests. Love what you’ve done with your site. As an educator I can say you have great communication skills.
La Mesa, Ca, US
Tuesday, July 16, 2002 at 06:25:34 (CEST)
I wish I did what you do instead of making piano benches. Your site looks great.
San Diego, Ca, US
Wednesday, July 10, 2002 at 09:11:37 (CEST)
I am the proud owner of a 58 Flaminia Coupe Touring GT. Finally ironing out the last of the mechanical issues and now have to start worrying about maintenance parts. Any tips on what brake fluid should be used (Im thinking synthetic). Also trying to find air and oil filters.
Marco <>
Summit, nj, USA
Friday, June 07, 2002 at 05:09:45 (CEST)
My name is Edmund Marco and it's a pleasure to sign your guest book. I work for an advertising agency in London. Our agency represents direct marketing companies that are involved in the marketing of products as seen on TV in England. Most of the infomercial products come from the U.S. but then again we export our talents as well. My brother has appeared in infomercials in the U.S. advertising various products. I think it's hilarious that English people respond so well to American products while Americans tend to respond well to sales people who have an English accent!
London, Kent, England
Friday, May 31, 2002 at 07:18:26 (CEST)
Greetings to all lancist,
I just bought a lancia dedra 1.6ie 1990 model. The temperature gets very high as 90 degree centigrade in less than 15minuites. I do not know what is wrong and what should I check. Please kindly help me out...I am confussed. The engine works very well, it is driven 294,000km and very clean. Please kindly help me out...I am going crazy.

Rex Ull <>
Friday, May 24, 2002 at 16:49:55 (CEST)
I have Lancia Delta 1.6
beauty and the beast

Tom <>
Chmielnik, Poland
Wednesday, May 22, 2002 at 17:21:16 (CEST)
Congratulation! The new design of is perfect!
Andreas Köster <>
Würzburg, B, Germany
Tuesday, May 21, 2002 at 22:21:26 (CEST)
Autumn meeting in Ludwigslust (northern Germany near Schwerin) september 19 - 22. Deadline for inscription: may, 15 2002. Later on maybe we cannot find rooms in the same hotel. Are you interested? Please send an e-mail as soon as possible for further informations and inscription form.
Lancia Club Vincenzo <>
D-79395 Neuenburg, Germany
Tuesday, May 07, 2002 at 17:00:52 (CEST)

We,ve put together some Performance Related Links interesting for Lancia Drivers.


G. Hoffmann

Gerhard Hoffmann <>
Wien, Wien, Austria
Friday, May 03, 2002 at 18:28:19 (CEST)
I ride a lancia Delta HPE... i really love it! it has a great handling... I Just love it!!!!!
Jan Paeschuyzen <>
antwerp, belgium, belgium
Thursday, May 02, 2002 at 20:28:42 (CEST)
I ride a lancia Delta HPE... i really love it! it has a great handling... I Just love it!!!!!
Jan Paeschuyzen <>
antwerp, belgium, belgium
Thursday, May 02, 2002 at 20:28:12 (CEST)
I'm proud to be Lancista and to share this passion with people everywhere. The soul and spirit of our cars will last forever.
Juan <>
Cadiz, Spain
Tuesday, April 30, 2002 at 21:16:57 (CEST)
Ciao Lancisti, suche leute um von der schweiz aus an Treffen zu fahren. Fahre selbst einen Delta HF integrale. Bitte mailen. fank's
Reto <>
Thursday, April 18, 2002 at 03:05:24 (CEST)
WANTED MONTECARLO SPYDER FOR RESTORATION (terminal condition?)Proud owner of mint S2 montecarlo spyder.
Paul Hammond <>
Sheffield , Nottinghamshire, England
Thursday, April 11, 2002 at 21:47:14 (CEST)
Dear Lancisti,

I'm assembling information with an eye on building a Rally 037 replica. Can anybody put me in touch with a company called Lester (their logo looks like a Jester!) who made kevlar bodywork for both the Stratos and the Rally 037 Evo in the 1980's.

I'm also looking for a lot more information on the 1982/3 Evo cars esp. as regards dry-sumping, Bosch fuel-injection, Abarth 16 valve heads, Speedline wheels etc. etc.

Can anybody help me please?

Guy McDougall <>
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Monday, April 01, 2002 at 16:48:24 (CEST)
Gratis: LCV-NEWSLETTERS and "S.O.S."-LETTERS per e-mail offer you fast information and effective help. Please ask for info.

Lancia Club Vincenzo <>
79395 Neuenburg, Germany
Wednesday, March 27, 2002 at 13:34:01 (CET)
A warm hello to all Lancisti!!
In May 2002, we will organize our 14th International Historical Car Rally in Cyprus. All Lancisti are welcome to participate and to have a taste of Cyprus hospitality, good food and wine! It is a good opportunity to see our island's beautiful sea and also to visit our historical momuments.
Over the past years crews from Greece, Italy, Germany, Israel and even USA have joined our Rally.
For more information contact:
Theodossis Vanezos at:
See you in Cyprus!!!!

Theodossis Vanezos <>
Nicosia, CYPRUS
Saturday, March 23, 2002 at 17:56:52 (CET)
Dear Lancisti
I have a Montecarlo spyder, a Beta Spyder, an HPE VX, a Flavia 1.8 coupe, and 2 x Appia Series III.

I'm running the Beta Consortium of the Lancia Club RSA, and would like to hear from any other Beta Consortia managers.

Guy McDougall <>
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 10:27:36 (CET)
Dear Lancisti
I have a Montecarlo spyder, a Beta Spyder, an HPE VX, a Flavia 1.8 coupe, and 2 x Appia Series III.

I'm running the Beta Consortium of the Lancia Club RSA, and would like to hear from any other Beta Consortia managers.

Guy McDougall <>
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 10:26:05 (CET)
in Erding nr. München (Munich) from may 8/9 - 12, 2002. For further informations and inscription form pls send e-mail to the club center. Arnhem/Holland
is cancelled.

Lancia Club Vincenzo <>
79395 Neuenburg am Rhein, Germany
Wednesday, March 13, 2002 at 16:27:34 (CET)
Hello Lancists. Have a 89 Delta GTie, 1600cc. I need a wiring diagramm. maybe one of y'all can help me out?
Meet ya'll on the road:)


angel recon <>
heilbronn, bw, germany
Homepage: none xet:(
Wednesday, March 13, 2002 at 15:04:07 (CET)
Dear Lancisti,

There was a typing error in my e-mail address, however I´ve got a new one..
Any lancista living in the Vizcaya are ?

Hermann Hochrainer <>
Bilbao, Vizcaya, Spain
Saturday, March 09, 2002 at 14:05:40 (CET)
I am owner of Lancia K

Tuesday, March 05, 2002 at 00:14:18 (CET)
Great Lancia meeting at 26 may in Emmer-compascuum.Holland.
Opening new location MARTIN WILLEMS
Lancia-specialist. Expected are Lambda till Thesis,and all models betweem. Television special will be maked about Lancia history this day.

Martin Willems <>
Emmer-compascuum, Holland
Monday, March 04, 2002 at 22:39:11 (CET)
Hurry, hurry, Lancisti! Until end of March: Lancia-Exposition of the Lancia Club Deutschland in the Technik Museum in Speyer/Germany.
Karl Heinz Hager <>
Friday, March 01, 2002 at 22:22:26 (CET)
Thursday, February 28, 2002 at 19:07:13 (CET)
Our events calendar 2002 is ready. Please ask for more informations about our Season Opening (09.03.02), European Meeting in the Netherlands (end of april), Portugal adventure tour (approx. 1.-10 july) and autumn meeting in Northern Germany (end of september). If you are interested to receive our e-mail NEWSLETTER
please send your e-mail address to join the system.

Lancia Club Vincenzo <>
79395 Neuenburg, Germany
Thursday, February 28, 2002 at 14:21:16 (CET)
Hi! I have bought Lancia Delta 1,5 from 1983. I have some work to o with it but i think it's worth of it. Every day I love it more. Hope I will not have problems with getting money for repair it and do some tuning :) Bye
Wodzu <>
Myslowice, Poland
Thursday, February 21, 2002 at 23:36:02 (CET)
I have just bought a Lancia Thema 2.0i 16v Turbo. Because i'm only 21 i will be payin' £1,100 to insure it, but it's worth it for 0-60 in 6.5. Loads of fun. cheers.
Nik <>
Norfolk, England
Wednesday, February 20, 2002 at 23:10:41 (CET)
My 1973 S2 1.3S Fulvia coupe (818.631 - 038944) is about to get a proper respray. Original colour is red but I dont know exactly which one! The colour in the inside of the car is much darker than the outside, probably due to a wrong colour selection during the past.Could someone advise on RED colour paints and paint codes on the S2 coupes? Is it possible to discover my car's original colour tone? Please answer!!
Theodossis Vanezos <>
Nicosia, CYPRUS
Thursday, February 14, 2002 at 21:55:40 (CET)
Hello Lancisti!
For business and private reasons I have left my Flaminas (Berlina, Coupe PF and Convertible) at Switzerland and moved to Spain.
Any Lancista living in this reagon is kindly asked to contact me, I feel home-sick for Lancias.

Hermann Hochrainer <>
E-48003 Bilbao, Bizkkaiia, Spain
Tuesday, February 05, 2002 at 22:38:45 (CET)
2nd Portuguese Lancia-Meeting in Espinho (near Oporto) from 4 - 8
July, 2002. Participation fee per person only € 250 including 4 nights with breakfast in *****Hotel
2 persons per room) and all dinners and entrance tickets. For further informations pls send e-mail to Lancia Club Vincenzo. Portuguese Lancia drivers pls ask for membership conditions.

Lancia Club Vincenzo <>
79395 Neuenburg, Germany
Tuesday, February 05, 2002 at 11:10:07 (CET)
Some people would prefer Honda, Toyota, etc., to my beautiful red Delta Integrale,...but, I will say this....."they got no soul...!!!"

Piranha <>
Friday, February 01, 2002 at 04:00:52 (CET)
Hello to all fellow "Lancisti"...and a special hello to "HUIB the master of spears"!
Filippo LULLI <>
Livorno, Italy
Tuesday, January 22, 2002 at 22:06:10 (CET)
Hi Guys ,
I'm the owner of two Lancia Appia Berlina 3 Series. Both need a full restauration. What I need is a lot of informations, technik handbooks , and all spare parts I can get. Also I´m interested to buy an Appia in a good conditon. Please offer me what every you have.
Thanks for help.

Erik Schwarz <>
Kaiserslautern, Rheinland/pfalz, Germany
Friday, January 18, 2002 at 15:34:33 (CET)
Best wishes for 2002!! Keep on good work by updating site more often!Yia sas apo tin orea Kypro!!!!!
Theodossis Vanezos <>
Nicosia, CYPRUS
Sunday, January 06, 2002 at 17:00:30 (CET)
A Happy New Year to all Lancisti!

I´m looking for detailed photographs of the front of an original-colored Flavia 2000 Coupe as guidance to repaint my car.
Thanks in advance

Robert Novak <>
Vienna, Austria
Wednesday, January 02, 2002 at 16:55:49 (CET)